Saturday 20 March 2021

'the falling, the becoming' (about)

"This is a collection of poetry and short fiction about love and the loss of it, written by a lovesick romantic who will fall so helplessly back into love’s arms, time and time again, even when it doesn’t want to catch her. From loving, soppy sonnets to dark, bitter crime fiction, and deep, contemporary poems to fiery, feminist verses, my writing uses a blend of literary styles. Inspired by the noir genre, Greek mythology, and the Romantics, the book is divided into two sections—'falling' and 'becoming'—and touches on profound topics such as heartbreak, grief, first love, femininity and empowerment. I refuse to shy away from the darkest truths of this mad world, as much as I refuse to ignore the sublimity of its prettiest lies and fantasies. This is first love. This is the fallout. This is the falling, the becoming."


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