Sunday 18 September 2022

¸.• ʚϊɞ •.¸¸.•


Before the thunder 

 it was just me and jules in the swimming pool

I realised that i can put my head underwater and think of nothing and be happy

It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission

that’s what she said when i said about you.

 I don’t have regrets but for sure i’m upset and if i’m wrong then let it be that way


 forgive me babe

after the fever dream nothing was clear

you think you’re discerning but there’s so much you don’t see in me

 I thought i knew what i wanted

nothing but solitude and to be in love with it

but all that i dream of is you and i’m resentful 

 I’m a traitor to my maker

cause i resent the way my unending emotion makes me feel like i’m crazy

happiness is fragile but sadness is too

 it moves like the clear water in front of me

 Let me be your angel

i’ll send you to heaven and love you like god does

 but i can make your life hell if i wanted

in any case i can turn that on too

For now you’re not here 

 it’s just me and jules in the swimming pool

I let the blue kiss me and i bathe in the guilt

We talk about the west coast and envy and how there’s something so beautiful about swimming whilst it rains

when you can’t tell what is falling from the water that surrounds


like you my love

 You never understood me when you had to but now you do

i’m falling


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