Friday 15 April 2022


 I looked up at the stars and said godspeed to the man who thinks he can get away from me and our little love

so he booked a one-way ticket to a foreign land like a man on a mission

and as I watched from the runway his graceful aviation across the indian ocean

my stars and my skies i swear they went with him

and ever since he left i’ve been wanting warmer days in some better place

cause he made me feel like chemtrail skies cherry liquor on ice 

   every type of way 

and i promised that if he got lost then my eyes are the lights that will guide him back to me


our love it changed 

i would have spent hours by his side i said i was his ride or die and we both know it’s true

now i’m wishing one day he’d said to me 

   i just wanna get high on porto beach with my babydoll right next to me

then taken me with him when he disappeared into the blue

baby boy gave me nothing but it felt like everything 

  cause our rocky candy kisses were sweeter than anything

than tidal waves palm trees and the floridian breeze  

you make so crazy but handsome i’m loving it 

  and loving you feels like a dream 

Charli Oakeby

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