Charlotte L Oakeby is a twenty-year-old writer from the United Kingdom, with a passion for languages and literature. From a young age, she's had a wild imagination, and, when she wasn't reading, she was conjuring up stories of her own. She was, and always will be, a Malory Towers kind of girl.

She's forever held this desire to write, pouring out dreamt-up thoughts onto pieces of paper or otherwise. She romanticises the most basic of ideas, desperate to write things in a way that just sounds pretty. 

Her love for writing truly began after cancer stole her father when she was thirteen. She was a daddy's girl. The rollercoaster of grief took her in directions she didn't want to be heading. And so, she came to understand that her way of overcoming this pain was by immersing herself in pages where she just felt at home. 

She wrote her first published piece, Forever Yours, Mr. Carter, at fifteen. Now, eighteen publications later, she's published her debut collection of poetry and short fiction about love and the loss of it--the falling, the becoming.

A passionate and determined girl, Charlotte has much she wants to achieve in life. Currently studying English at King's College London, she hopes to end up a journalist whilst continuing to write.The feeling of knowing something you crafted is in the hands of others is indescribable. Still young, it's undoubtedly daunting being surrounded by writers who seemingly have so much more experience than her, but she never allows herself to feel intimidated.

She's grateful for anyone who has helped her up until this point--her Gordon Square Review mentor Laura Walter in particular, who is 'confident we're only seeing the beginning of this young writer's career'.*



1. Forever Yours, Mr. Carter published in Volume Thirteen of the Cosumnes River Journal
2. Reflections published in Issue Four of the Gordon Square Review
3. Recipient of a Gordon Square Review Editorial Mentorship for Reflections
4. There's Lipstick on Your Collar published in The Haloscope Review
5. There's Lipstick on Your Collar published in Capsule Stories' 'Frozen in Time' Winter 2019 Edition
6. Take a Bow published in Vol. VIII #3 of The Woven Tale Press


1. The Five Golden Rules for Gratitude published on The Daily Positive
2. Tips for Handling Rejection published on The Daily Positive
3. Five Submission Tips from an Editorial Reader published on C S Laskin's LiveWriteThrive
4. The Clocks Are Still Ticking self-published, both digitally and in print
5. Honesty is the Best Policy published on The Daily Positive


1. things my mother has said to me published in The Internet Void 
2. winter's sister published in Obsessed with Pipework 94
3. sweet ceres forthcoming in The Chained Muse 
4. aphrodite's looking glass forthcoming in The Chained Muse 
5. Pretty Young Things published in Quail Bell
6. Persephone's Daughters published in Indie Bites Anthology 
7. winter's sister published in The Concrete Desert Review


1. Experience reading for award-winning magazine based in Florida, 805Lit

1. the falling, the becoming. Published March 2021. Debut collection of poetry and short fiction.


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