Tuesday 12 January 2021

The Elysium of Love

I’m dreaming of the day you will appear,

Lured by the silver on my lily cheeks,

And with a finger blot these blessèd tears,

Which tumble as your tongue so softly speaks.

Struck by Eros and his fervent aim,

Incensèd spirits gloried up above. 

That ardent archer, bright his wingèd flame

Came forth to douse us with his jewelled love.

Time is frozen, locks me in your gaze,

For thine eyes are the ones that hold my own,

And fore’er it shall be this blessèd way,

Eternal sleep with my Endymion. 

O, never leave me! Hold me whilst I cry,

I choose to love you even as I die.


A Keats-inspired sonnet. These words came from my soul. To be published in my chapbook.



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